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 Is there a way to contest a penelty

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PostSubject: Is there a way to contest a penelty   Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:04 am

someone reported that i sent an abusive message that number one was sole intention was advertising me trying to help players on the game that are new and previously i was penalized for this letter in which i sent to someone else at the same time saying it was a chain letter ok first i thought a chain letter was asking to pass on or if you dont this or this happens to you and an advertisement was please tell your freinds but ok a chain letter i will not say anything i stopped that minute sending that letter out however someone opened theirs a week later and even though it eas a very nice polite request asking for thoose that can help please contact me and those that need help please contact me. i asked them to also pass the request on so we could help people just opening their ecs i lost a karma point i was pnalized twice fir the same thing and usually karma is about being kind why did i loose it yes there was an instance where in public forum someone said they would give bm item to you of your choice if u went to work for them so i said the same i didnt know better i will take that one but this one please cant i contest it how can i get in trouble twice for trying to help people please help me i am 1Ahwnee Please, Thankyou:( confused scratch confused Sad Sad Sad
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Is there a way to contest a penelty
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