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 Free Howrse Account avalible always!

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PostSubject: Free Howrse Account avalible always!   Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:22 am

Hello, i have a howrse account open to all players for free!
Username: hoofbeat123
Password: howrse
Its an account open for free to see what woupd happen if all players came together on 1 account.
No. I have a way to find track and report you. So hahaha i did this before and the cheater, lets just say he gave me his whole account and i now own all his horses passes BMs and even password. LOL so yeah no cheating! But please do feel free to drop in and play!!!! Very Happy Razz What a Face Like a Star @ heaven cheers What a Face Sleep Neutral @ Laughing Like a Star @ heaven I love you cat Question king lol! albino
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Free Howrse Account avalible always!
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